Can I move Interstate during COVID-19 Coronavirus?

We are getting a lot of customers asking questions like “Can I move Interstate during Coronavirus / COVID-19”?  So, we have put together an example and links below to each state to get more information.

Our service remains contact-free, as a self packing service. We do not provide blankets and suggest that if you are using used blankets that they are washed beforehand.

Each state or territory can apply their own rules, for example if you are moving Interstate to Queensland, you are classified as an ‘exempt resident’.  An exempt resident is a person moving into Queensland to make QLD their principal place of residence

Please refer to the below Government websites, they each have a hotline phone number also to answer queries on permit applications and self-isolation on arrival.


May 2020 – An update from the ABC news website:

Moving Interstate Update:

Most Australian states and territories have various border control measures in place, with some enforcing mandatory quarantine periods or turning people back if they don’t have a good enough reason to be entering the state. Unless you’re classified as an essential traveller (and you’ll need documents to back that up), people entering the Northern Territory at the moment must enter a two-week forced quarantine.

You can apply for exemptions — but if you don’t have an exemption, your application is denied or your home isn’t organised, you’ll have to enter quarantine at a location decided by the NT Government at your own expense.

All travellers arriving in Tasmania will be required to enter 14 days of quarantine in government-managed accommodation too. Again, you can apply for an exemption that classifies you as an essential traveller, but there are conditions attached to that.

If you’re trying to enter Queensland you’ll need an entry pass, and if you don’t have one you might be turned back (people who are moving to Queensland are listed as being permitted to enter the state, provided all the relevant passes are in order). Even if you can enter the state, if you’re travelling from a ‘COVID-19 hotspot‘ or overseas, slip on your isolation pants because you’ll be off to self-quarantine.

Western Australia‘s border is closed, so if you try and enter without an exemption you’ll be turned away. WA has also established intrastate travel restrictions, so be aware that you may need an exemption to move within the state at the moment.

VictoriaNew South Wales and the ACT‘s borders remain open, but each state’s various public health directions and rules apply, so if you’re moving there, be aware of those before you go.

We hope this helps answer a few queries about if you can move Interstate, and remember to give us a call if you have any queries 0490144955 (please call our mobile number while we are working off-site)

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