Self Pack Containers

Did you know that at Australian Container Logistics we can save you money when you are moving equipment, building goods and commercial items interstate? By using one of our self pack containers, you save on expensive trucking costs. Australians love to DIY and save money, so Self Packing a container is growing to be a very popular way to move goods Interstate at an affordable and timely manner.

We specialise in helping Australian Businesses move goods interstate in a cost effective way, giving you the best in customer service and keeping you informed during the entire move process.

How Does it Work?

1. We deliver to your address a shipping container that measures either 20' or 40'.

2. You pack the container yourself saving you $1000's in unnecessary costs.

3. We then transport the shipping container to just about anywhere in Australia.

Once we arrive at your new destination, you simply unload your shipping container and we’ll transport the empty container back to our depot.

For Shipping Container Dimensions, Weight Allowance, Door Sizes and Cubic Allowance for our 20, 40 and high cube 40 Foot Containers, please click "View Container Specs" 


*September 2022 - Please note that we no longer provide container hire for Household Removals, We can transport your provided container only.

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Shipping Container Information

Click on the link below to see size and weight information of 20ft, 20ft High Cube and 40ft Shipping Containers